LogEt 1 TH

LogEt 1 TH Single Use PDF Temperature and Humidity Data Logger is a low-power LCD data logger with a USB connector that has quick access to PDF data report without any software or cable. It is ideal to monitor temperature and humidity sensitive products throughout storage and transport in pharmaceuticals, food and etc.  


  • Temperature measuring range: -30℃~+70℃

  • Resolution: 0.1℃, 0.1%RH 

  • Temperature accuracy: ±0.5℃ (-20~+40℃), ±1℃ (other)

  • Humidity measuring range: 0%~100%

  • Humidity accuracy: ±3% (20%~80%), others±5% (under 25%)

  • Sensor type: Internal NTC thermistor 

  • Memory capacity: 16000 readings (MAX)

  • Log interval: 12min 

  • Alarm threshold: Optional, up to 5 threshold


  • Adopts light and temperature and humidity sensor with higher accuracy, up to ±0.6℉(temperature) and ±3% (humidity).

  • Super quick and easy to configure data logger via Elitech website link, NO need to install any software

  • Provides all key information for recordings incl. alarm status, temperatures statistics (in ℃/℉) and etc.

  • No cable or reader required, the USB connector enables quick connection to PCs to download data.

  • Up to 16,000 temperature points and 16,000 humidity points, it can be stored and used within 2 years*. 24/7 US Technician Support via Email and Phone.


RC-19 Disposable

Elitech RC-19 temperature data logger is a single-use/disposable data logger, mainly used in the fields of medicine, vaccine, blood, food, flowers and plants, laboratory, etc


  • Temperature measuring range: -30℃~70℃/-22℉~158℉
    Resolution: 0.1℃
    Alarm threshold: default (customizable)
    Storage temperature: -30℃~70℃/-22℉~158℉
    Data interface: USB2.0
    Temperature accuracy: 0.5℃/0.9¨H(-20℃~40℃); 1℃/1.8¨H(others)
    Report type: PDF format
    Sensor type: Internal NTC
    Battery: built-in CR2450 wide temperature lithium battery
    Memory capacity: 16000 points (MAX)
    Battery life: 2 years (stored and used under normal temperature environment)
    Log cycle: 120 days (customizable)
    Protection grade: IP67
    Size: 80mm (L) x 48mm (W) x 5.8mm (H)
    Alarm type: single or cumulative
    Weight: approx. 15g

Technical parameters

  • - The temperature data logger is mainly used for monitoring and logging temperature in storage and transportation of food and pharmaceuticals, such as cooler boxes, refrigerated trucks, containers, etc.
    - The logger connects to a computer via USB port to export a PDF report.
    - It features an internal sensor and a CR2450 lithium battery.
    - IP67 waterproof protection.
    - One-time Use, memory capacity: 16000 points.